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Keitha Turner - Master Hairstylist Expert in Sew- Ins, Quick-weaves, and all things hair.

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Suite 1

Expert Braider

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Suite 2

Sunny Lashes

Sunny Lashes represents my dream to supply the world with superior cosmetic and semi-permanent eye lashes.   I've been inspired by the quality, thickness, and longevity of these hand-made Siberian Mink lashes.

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Suite 3

Braid Master and Sister Loc Trainee

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Suite 7

Master Sister-Loc Specialist

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Suite 8

Not Excepting new appointments

Suite 9 in / Units A-6

R & R Boutique/ Coming 2023 Urban Flare Meets Classy Sophistication: Discover our Collection of Unique Clothes

Suite 10 in A-6

Master Barber 💈 and Loc Specialist

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Suite 11 in A-6

Tams Salon

The Science of Hair Growth and Healthy Hair Care

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Suite 12 in Units A-6

Elevate Your Hairstyle Game with Professional-Grade Braiding Hair and Extensions and Products

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