Suite 0

Suite 0

Sister and Brother Loc Master Stylist


Suite 1 (Open For Rent)

Available for rent $125 a week ( small office are work suite)

Suite 2

Sunny Lashes

Sunny Lashes represents my dream to supply the world with superior cosmetic and semi-permanent eye lashes.  For years, I tried different products and brands but nothing quite satisfied my lash needs. UNTIL NOW!!!  I've been inspired by the quality, thickness, and longevity of these hand-made Siberian Mink lashes. Our mission is to supply the world with the ultimate lashes. Your satisfaction is our passion!  I guarantee you won't regret it. 

With Love,  Sunny 🌞

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Suite 3

Braid Master and Sister Loc Trainee

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Suite 4


Suite 5

Welcome to Sii Canvas! I am certified (3x) in the application of lash extensions. I am also certified in ombré powder brows. It is my goal to enhance the natural beauty of every client I service.

You are required to fill out a consent form before I provide any service.

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Suite 7

Quite Zone!

Suite 8

Not Excepting new appointments